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Matt Wood Racing & Promotions is excited to release the updated format and purse for all three days of the second running of the Huset’s Speedway USAC Nationals. Nights one and two will be contested Friday, July 8th and Saturday, July 9th with Championship night on Sunday, July 10th. Nights 1 and 2 will feature a unique format that begins with each driver drawing and placing themselves into a group to qualify and race followed by heat race inversions, last chance qualifiers and finally big inversions for the A-mains in both the midget division the non-wing 410 sprint car division. Championship night begins with heat races based on points accumulated from both nights of racing placing competitions into heats to once again gain those valuable points and ends with a 40-lap feature for the non-wing cars and the 100-lap main event for the midgets. “Our format will still be similar to the one we run at the Hangtown 100 and has been used for years at California’s premier event the Trophy Cup”, stated event promoter Matt Wood, “But we also considered feedback from last year’s inaugural event and made some changes to better suit the Huset’s Speedway USAC Nationals.” Wood went on to comment, “Bringing the USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midgets and Non-Wing 410 Sprint Cars back to Huset’s for the first time in years for last year’s event, proved to produce incredible side-by-side, three and four-wide racing. Anytime you go out on a limb and start a new event there’s going to be a learning curve and you have to be willing to make necessary changes as you go. We’re doing that and we are committed to making the second running of the USAC Nationals even more spectacular than the first. We hope that the loyal Huset’s fan following will come check out what USAC racing has to offer, meet some of the drivers, have a great time with your family at this premier track. We promise, you won’t be disappointed in the show that the USAC drivers put on!” Updates have also been made to the purse and payout structure for the second running of the event. “We had to re-evaluate the way that we did some things the first time around to ensure that we can continue to build this event into one that we are able to keep on the USAC midget and sprint car schedule for a long time,” Wood explained. “I love midget and non-wing racing, and I want to continue to contribute to building it up and keeping it healthy. That starts with raising the purses and elevating the events that showcase this type of racing,” said Wood. Racing kicks off with preliminary nights on Friday, July 9th and Saturday, July 10th. Just like last year, both nights purse includes $4000 to win in both divisions and $400 to start. Sunday Sept. 12th, Championship Night, features a full slate of racing with everything being based off points earned the previous two nights. Championship night A-Mains will pay $12,000 to the winners, $4,800 to second, $3,600 to third and $1000 to start. Two champions – one in the midget division and one in the sprint car division - will be crowned with each being rewarded with a $10,000 pay day for their efforts. The overall Midget points champion will also take home a state-of-the-art WR1 race-ready sim rig from our partner Chad Wheeler, Wheeler Metals, and WR1 Sim Chassis. Tickets, multi-day packages, and limited camping spots are going fast. Go to www.USACNATIONALS.COM and get yours TODAY!! FOLLOW @USACnationals on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for event news, updates, and information.DON’T MISS the exciting return of the USAC Nationals to Huset’s Speedway! Wood would again like to thank Track Owner Tod Quiring and General Manager Doug Johnson for the opportunity to bring such an exciting event to one of the best and nicest facilities in America! Additional race details and the complete format are below. HOPE TO SEE YOU AT HUSET’S SPEEDWAY JULY 8th, 9th, and 10th!

2022 Huset's USAC NATIONALS Midgets & Non-Wing Sprint Cars Format

Night 1 & 2

Pill draw to determine order of heat race selection.

Heat race placement selection (driver picks which heat to participate in and the order to qualify).

Qualifying: All cars qualify – 4-6 groups determined by heat race. Cars will qualify in the order picked by drivers. 36 points will be given for fast time in each group, and minus three points per position thereafter.

Heat Races (4-6 heats, depending on number of entries) – 10 laps each: Top 8 cars inverted in heats by qualifying points/time. 36 points will be given for first place, minus 3 points per position thereafter. Heat race winner (regardless of point total), and the two or three highest in total points (total points include qualifying and heat points) in each heat transfer to the night’s A-Main.

Heat Race transfers…

· If 4 Heats – 1st place and 3 highest in points transfer to A-Main.

· If 5 Heats – 1st place and 3 highest in points transfer to A-Main.

· If 6 Heats - 1st place and 2 highest in points transfer to A-Main.

All others to the night’s B-Main.

B-Main: Total points from heats used to line up B-Main. Top 8 in points inverted, with balance of B-Main cars lined up behind top 8 straight up.

B-Main transfers…

· If 4 Heats – Top 8 finishers transfer to back of A-Main.

· If 5 Heats – Top 4 finishers transfer to back of A-Main.

· If 6 Heats – Top 6 finishers transfer to back of A-Main.

B-Main transfers start A-Main straight up behind cars that locked-in directly from heats.

B-Main non-transfers: 38 points awarded for first non-transfer minus 2 points for each position thereafter.

A-Main: 30 Laps, 24 Cars – Lock-ins from heat races, plus B-Main transfers. Pill draw to determine inversion (possible 0-12) of lock-ins. A-Main lock-ins will line up based on result of pill draw. B-Main transfers will line up behind heat race transfers straight up based on points. 100 points awarded to the A-Main first place finisher, minus 2 per position thereafter.

Championship Night

No Qualifying: Lineups based on total points from Night 1 & 2 (CUMULATIVE).

Heat Races (4-6 heats – 10 laps each): Top 8 cars inverted in heats. 36 points will be given for first place, and minus 3 points per position thereafter.

Total points will then be tallied to line up D, C, B, and A-Mains. Top 20 in points go to A-Main, positions 21-36 in points go to B-Main, positions 37-52 in points go to C-Main, and all others to D-Main.

D-Main: 10 Laps. Top 4 transfer to tail of C-Main. No points awarded.

C-Main: 15 Laps, 20 Cars. Top 4 transfer to tail of B-Main. No points awarded.

B-Main: 20 Laps, 20 Cars. Top 4 transfer to tail of A-Main. No points awarded.

A-Main: 40 laps Sprint Cars / 100 Laps Midgets, 24 Cars / possible 4 provisionals. Pill draw to determine inversion (possible 0-12). Top 12 in points inverted based on inversion pill draw, followed by next 8 in points lined straight up, followed by B-Main transfers 1-4. 150 points awarded for first place and minus 3 points per position thereafter. Yellow laps counted for first 50 laps.

Ties in overall points will revert to qualifying times.

Promoter reserves the right to add provisionals to the Championship Night A-Main.

Possible mandatory fuel stop between laps 40-50 of Midget Championship Night A-Main.

Revised 6.30.2022

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